News Daily Spot: Xi Jinping embraces the British monarchy (Photos)

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Xi Jinping embraces the British monarchy (Photos)

The British royal family displayed their pomp to honor the president of China, Xi Jinping, who at the beginning of his state visit four days was received in London by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Together they moved in a carriage to Buckingham Palace, where at night was treated to a banquet gala.

With this offensive display monarchy, London trying to attract Chinese investment to the battered British infrastructure, while Conservative government tries to downplay the new approach to China, said DPA.

In the British media, however, it was clear the critical approach to Beijing. The dissenting voices point to the continuing violations of human rights as well as suspicion of industrial espionage. Moreover, the approach has also angered the United States. "We regret our confidence in China," said The Times.

Thousands of Chinese greeted Xi and his wife on the streets of London, while others marched in protest against violations of human rights and against Beijing's Tibet policy.

"We will not just talk about trade," said Kate Allen, Amnesty International (AI), during the demonstration. "We want to talk both trade and human rights." He added: "China is the country where most executions are carried out in the world."

In 2012, Cameron angered Beijing after receiving the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan leader.

Photos: Reuters.

Photos: Reuters.

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