News Daily Spot: USA: Democratic hopefuls take to the ring for the first debate

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USA: Democratic hopefuls take to the ring for the first debate

The 5 candidates for the Democratic Party for the 2016 presidential elections in the United States presents its arguments on Tuesday in the first public debate of their campaigns.

In addition to Hillary Clinton, the stage will be occupied by Senator Bernie Sanders, considered the great democrat surprise of this campaign; Lincoln Chaffe, governor of Rhode Island; Martin O'Malley, governor of Maryland, and Jim Webb, also a senator.

The big question in the debate, will be the Vice President Joe Biden, who has not yet confirmed whether launch his candidacy and is not invited to the debate, but still figure in opinion polls.

Clinton and Sanders have staged some crossings until now focused mainly on economic issues opinion, but the two agreed to distance the president Barack Obama, especially on international trade issues.

Both, for example, have criticized the Trans recently launched by Obama, Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) that will consider the impact on American workers.

The debate will be held at a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 58% of Democratic voters still undecided between the candidates declares disputed.

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