News Daily Spot: The fate of Blatter and Platini in the hands of the Fifa Ethics Committee

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The fate of Blatter and Platini in the hands of the Fifa Ethics Committee

The fate of Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini is in the hands of the Ethics Committee of FIFA, meeting until Friday, which could declare, in the worst case scenario, even excluding the president of the organization and the ineligibility pattern UEFA favorite to succeed the Swiss.

A close collaborator Joseph Blatter, denied on Wednesday told AFP that the president of FIFA has been suspended for 90 days by the Ethics Commission of the body after it has been charged by the Swiss courts.

According to several British media, including Sky News and The Guardian, the Ethics Committee of FIFA would have recommended a temporary 90-day suspension of Blatter, based on statements from Klaus Stoehlker, presented as a close advisor to even FIFA president.

However, on 15 June, after speaking on behalf of Blatter, FIFA denied any legitimacy to this exconsejero, insisting that his work as such had ended on May 31.

The meeting of the Ethics Committee was an open secret, but FIFA has so far maintained an absolute silence. Confirmation that the real court of Fifa meets from Monday to Friday in Zurich has been known for bizarre way, through a statement from the Senegalese Abdoulaye Diop, a member of the commission.

What might hold this meeting can be key in the process of electing a new President, and also the case of Blatter, the Ethics Committee, chaired by German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert, examine the cases of the French Michel Platini South Korean Chung Mong-joon, aspirants to the succession.

Theoretically the Ethics Commission may suspend the three men, which would revolutionize the election of the next president of Fifa, scheduled for February 26. The deadline for applications is October 26.

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