News Daily Spot: Obama prepared to sign US budget until 2017

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Obama prepared to sign US budget until 2017

President Barack Obama is prepared to sign the new budget for the next two years, considered a success because of its management clears the danger of a government shutdown for the rest of his term and increases the debt ceiling 2017. 

The White House spokesman Josh Earnest, said in his daily briefing that Obama expects the budget next Monday and is expected to sign the same day.

The approval of the budget, early this morning, has been a success for the ruling, which in recent years has maintained a constant budget battle with Congress, especially since his party, the Democrats lost the majority in the House of Representatives Please Republican opposition in November 2014.

In the fall of 2013, the differences between the White House and lawmakers led to a closure of operations of the federal government, the first to be produced since 1997, and since then the danger is presented periodically.

This time, the reason was that on 11 December the Administration is going to be allowed to operate without, added to the November 5 the federal government reach its authorized debt ceiling of 18.1 trillion funds.

The agreement increases the debt ceiling until March 2017, ensuring budgetary quiet at least until Obama finishes his term and hand over the post in January 2017, and ensures calm in the current campaign for the November elections 2016.

The accounts were initialed by the Senate this morning by 64 votes in favor and 35 votes against, after the House of Representatives and had approved last Wednesday with the support of 266 congressmen and 167 other opposition.

The fact that these budgets, which will simplify and streamline expected much work in Washington after years of endless discussions have been approved with the support of Democrats (now minority in both chambers) and the rejection of much of the Republicans is given (which control the entire legislative power).

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