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A widening gap between Clinton and Obama

Source: BBCNews
As Democratic presidential hopefuls prepare to face off in their first debate, front-runner Hillary Clinton is increasingly trying to contrast herself with a man who won't be on the stage on Tuesday night - President Barack Obama.
In areas like foreign policy, immigration and the environment, the woman who was once part of Mr Obama's "team of rivals" as secretary of state is now marching to the beat of her own drum.
Mrs Clinton's alliance with Mr Obama, her 2008 Democratic primary nemesis, was always a bit of a marriage of convenience. She played the loyal soldier in his administration and both she and her husband campaigned for his re-election in 2012, but her own presidential ambitions were never diminished.
The political reality is that Mrs Clinton now has a nomination to secure and a presidency to win - a difficult task for a party seeking a third White House victory in a row. It's only happened once in the last 60 years, when George HW Bush followed two terms of Ronald Reagan in 1988.
"I am not running for my husband's third term or President Obama's third term," Mrs Clinton has repeatedly said while on the stump. "I'm running for my first term."
Here's a look at some of the differences Mrs Clinton has drawn between herself and the sitting president and her key quotes on the issues.

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