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Pope calls for the homeless in Washington

Pope Francis asked the company to look for causes that leave people homeless on Thursday to finish your 48 hours in this city with an intervention in the parish of San Patrick

"These are questions that will do us good to us all? Why our brothers are homeless, why these brothers of ours have a roof?" He asked in Spanish.

"There are no social, moral or type it was to accept the lack of accommodation justification. They are unjust situations, but we know that God is knocked together with us, you are living them at our side. Not leave us alone, "he added.

The Argentine Pope said that prayer is one of the most effective ways to help just before inviting those present to pray the Our Father.

"In prayer, no rich or poor, no sons and brothers. In prayer people no first or second, no fraternity, "he said. "What good does it do us to pray together, how well do we find ourselves in that space where we look like brothers and we recognize one in need of support from others," he said before blessing the present.

The pontiff delivered his speech at the first church of any denomination in the US raised capital and soon after went out to bless and wish "Good appetite" about 300 immigrants, disabled and homeless people receive food daily Catholic Charities, whose office is adjacent to the parish.

The parish of San Patricio was built in 1794 to cater to Irish immigrants who came to work in the construction of federal government buildings.

Francisco remained for several minutes in close contact with the group, willingly posing for photos, shaking hands and kissing children everywhere.

Catholic Charities is the social pastoral available to every diocese in the United States to provide aid to the needy in different areas such as medical, legal, immigration and education. For over 80 years it offers 64 programs for the needy.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, presented the Argentine pontiff a book that compiles the promises made by the Archdiocese of Washington that people committed in writing to pray or community activities as a way to honor the Pope Francisco.

The coordinated campaign from the websites and exceeded the target announced in July to gather at least 100,000 pledges.

The website showed Thursday morning that 104 840 people and 235 organizations had committed to concrete actions and that 306,371 messages were posted on social networks with #CaminaConFrancisco #walkwithfrancis and headbands.

The campaign offered three ways to participate: with promises to pray regularly for the pope, provide service support charitable activities and promoting justice and peace.

Francisco, who yesterday met with President Barack Obama in the White House and held the first canonization ever conducted in the United States, Catholic Charities visited after a speech to a joint session of Congress.

Then he will leave for New York, where on Friday the United Nations General Assembly will address, will visit a school in Harlem and a Mass at Madison Square Garden.

After his stay in New York will attend Saturday and Sunday at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia before returning to Rome.

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