News Daily Spot: Crying Republican John Boehner before Pope Francis

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Crying Republican John Boehner before Pope Francis

Ohio congressman is known for its hardness. However, emotion overcame him to witness the joy of those who expected the Pope Francis outside the United States Congress. Infobae

John Boehner is a fervent Catholic. But it is also hard at what he does: politics. Republican leader in the United States Congress, harshly opposed the adoption of the budget submitted to the Capitol by Barack Obama and was adamant.

However, today it was deeply moved and touched by the Pope Francisco. After extensive message the Pontiff offered to senators and representatives, Boehner accompanied the leader of the Catholic Church to greet the crowd that was on the West Front of the Capitol.

At that time, Boehner could not hold back the tears and emotion overcame him, without being able to control it. Moved he heard the words uttered Francisco youth who were there and even had to dry her tears with a handkerchief.

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